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Later Opening

Hi guys. Just to let you know we may well experiment this weekend (24th/25th July) with opening until 1am.

This will largely depend on you guys following the rules that are in place. My first thought has to be with my staff and we will only do so if it is safe for them.

So just to let you know that if you want to stay until that time you will have to be in by 11pm. We are just not taking customers who have been sat in another pub all night. So if you want to come do so early.

It will also mean that those sat outside will have to go in at midnight at the latest. But be aware we can only do that if there is seating left inside. Otherwise at midnight the outside seating will have to leave.

Sorry, we know it’s all ‘rules is rules’ at the moment but we are doing what we are doing to keep you and the staff safe while at the same time trying to stay in buisness. So please help us in that respect. If it doesn’t work we will just close.

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