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Full Reopening Information from 23rd July

As you are no doubt aware all restrictions for venues such as ours end on Monday 19th July. We are taking a little break to get ready and will be open Fri 23rd July.

Whilst that of course is amazing news for venues such as ours we do not kid ourselves that the pandemic is over and we want to let you know the precautions we are putting or leaving in place to keep you and our staff.

First of all we ask everyone to show respect. To staff, customers, performers and yourself. We are a community venue who care and can come together to help Revive Live music, clubbing and socialising. People have different views of course, but let’s respect everyones opinion.

We recommend you do everything you can to help reduce any risk. Get vaccinated. Take a test before you come out. Register if immune. Don’t attend if you feel sick. Our staff are all doing the same. We will not operate a policy of exclusion but ask you do what you can.

Our staff will continue to wear face coverings to reduce droplet transmission if they are able to. We encourage our customers to do the same, particularly in enclosed spaces like the loos or at crowded gigs, but understand if you are unable to or choose not to. Please respect other people’s choices

We will continue to leave doors and windows open, wherever weather and noise issues allow, and utilise our air extraction system upstairs which changes the air 30 times an hour, reducing the risk posed by airborne pathogens. We will also leave our ground floor table screens in and we are screening the bars for the staff’s protection.

Remember to wash your hands regularly and for longer and utilise the sanitising stations we are leaving in around the bars. We will continue our enhanced cleaning regime around contact points.

The Track and Trace QR code will remain on the door, for you to use if you wish to continue to assist the track and trace programme.

We will be learning as we go along and things may change so some things may change. We will of course keep you informed.

But most of all lets just be kind. Thank you. x

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