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Band Information & Tech Spec


We’re mad about our live music here at Trinity and we love nothing more than to put on a band we like or see potential in. In the past the likes of Kate Nash, Scouting For Girls, Reverend & the Makers, Bastille, Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip, Bombay Bicycle Club, Example and Alabama 3 have all played here on their way to fame.

Payment & Door Charging

We’re not the kind of venue who will grab all the money from the punters you bring along and then sling you a tenner at the end of the night. 100% of the door takings goes to the acts playing, all we ask is that you work as hard as us in terms of promoting your gig so our bar will be busy and your pockets full. Create a Facebook event page, get posters/flyers to us to put up in Trinity and tell your mates, family and your dog! Its never been easier to promote a show so please do it with some gusto. We will promote your gig as much as we can but common sense indicates the more people each band brings the better the night for everyone. We work hard to make every show as good as it can be and we expect bands that we book to enter into the spirit of things and do the same. We’re in this together. If we can see you haven’t pulled your weight a repeat booking is unlikely.

Please put in provison when door charging that you can allow a carer of anyone with a disability or accessibility issues in free of charge. It is part of our accessibilty policy.

Door charging is done on the following basis:

Shows Sunday – Thursday: The door charge is set by the bands themselves and must be collected by someone the band provides on the side door upstairs. Be realistic about what you charge. You are probably not U2 so charging £100 on the door is not feasible. If you are U2, Bono take your shades off.

Shows on Friday and Saturday: You may charge up until 10pm. Presumably your crowd should be in by this time anyway. The curfew for gigs is 11pm. We have neighbours and the live music must stop by then. We do a club night after which of course you and your crowd are welcome to stay on.

If you are promoting your own show we do put a proviso in place that should the ground floor become overcrowded and it is not full upstairs that we may open the door to everyone free of charge.


Access and Load In

A suggested time for arrival would be between 5pm-6pm, however venue access can be as early as 1pm on the day of the show if you want to drop off equipment and begin to set up. Please let us know what time you plan to be arriving so we can have everything set up for you. However, due to us respecting our neighbouring businesses and residents, sound-check has to be after 5pm, unless specifically agreed prior to the show, so we can warn our neighbours! The soundman will be in at 6pm unless an earlier start time has been arranged.

Please be aware that Trinity is a first floor venue and you will be lugging equipment upstairs! Please let us know if you have special access requirements of any kind so that provision can be made.

Parking is terrible around Trinity. There is a loading bay next to Trinity but it is carefully monitored by a CCTV camera. You must be within the marked lines and adhere to its loading times which state no loading between 4pm-7pm which is not particularly convenient we know. Please be careful as we cannot be responsible for parking tickets.

There is a Municipal car park at the bottom end of Lyon road, 5 minutes (100 yards) away.

Equipment Storage

Whilst you are on stage cases etc can be stored in our back room, however at the end of the night please take all your equipment home with you. So many times, we have been lumbered with kit overnight because the van driver has had too much to drink – frankly, it’s a pain in the arse!

Security Staff

Where security staff are needed they will be provided by Trinity. You are not permitted to bring your own.

Age Restrictions

Trinity is a strictly over 18s venue. This includes band members as well as the audience. If you believe you have a young looking crowd please ask them to bring ID. In fact ID is a condition of entry for everyone.

Fly Posting

You may not flypost to advertise your event. We get into so much trouble with the council if you flypost. Any fly-posting carried out will result in your gig being cancelled and your details passed to Harrow Council. If you have posters/flyers please feel free to get them up in Trinity itself.


Please don’t mess us around. We are running a business. If you cancel the day before your gig or do a no show, we lose money. Also lots of bands are looking for slots. You deprive someone else from playing. If you need to cancel or rearrange a show please give us AT LEAST 3 weeks notice. Bands cancelling a few days before a gig with insufficient reason will find it hard to obtain another booking. Oh and we don’t believe your drummer has broken his arm! Trust me everyone uses this excuse. Ha!


Trinitys capacity is 200 in total. The upstairs, where the bands play, holds about 130-140 people.


You are welcome to sell you CDs and merchandise at Trinity. We can provide a table for you. Please make your merch stands fully accessible.

Tech Stuff

Now the important bit! Trinity has spent thousands of pounds on a very smart PA system. Now we don’t mind one bit if you use this system but do you really think we’re going to let someone we’ve never met before start messing with this very expensive piece of kit – no. So here’s the score. You wanna use our kit then it comes with our in house soundman, who will cost you £75 from your door money.

Why’s it cost us money you ask? Let me give you a scenario. We book your band, we hire our soundman, put on bar staff and only 3 people turn up to see you. We are instantly out of pocket. And quite frankly if you’re using us as rehearsal space, you’d have to pay more at a studio! You get the picture.

Now, we are nothing if not fair. If we take over £300 behind the bar during your gig (which generally is pretty easily achievable – a crowd of 30/40 people should cover this easily) we give
you the soundman deposit straight back.

So promote your gig, get loads of people down and again everyone’s happy.


Of course you don’t have to use our PA – you can bring your own – and then there’s naturally no charge.

Please be aware that there is a limiter on our system, the levels on which are set to protect our equipment and prevent people 4 miles away listening to your gig! We are unable to tamper with these levels, so please don’t ask or we’ll just end up arguing! If you think it needs to be louder, you are deaf – trust me!

Also we have no backline in house so anything you need you will have to bring with you, or be brought by another band you have arranged to share with. We will supply mics and stands.

It is also worth bringing some CDs, laptop, phone or a DJ to play between bands.

PA Tech Spec:

  • DBX 166XL Compressor
  • BOSE 502C System Control
  • 3 x Yamaha P3200 Power Amps
  • 4 x Martin Audio Speakers AQ12
  • 4 x Bose 502’s
  • 2 x Intimidation Sinbin 1200 12” Scoop Bass Bins
  • 2 x DBX stage monitors
  • 1 Soundcraft eFX 12 Desk – 12 channels
  • SM58 Mics (10)
  • Instrument Mics (5)
  • Mic Stands (8)
  • Mic Leads
  • DI Boxes (2)

We also have a full lighting rig and control panel

DJ Equipment

  • Numark Anti Shock Twin CD Player
  • Numark CM200 Mixer

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